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Integration Work Meetings – Strategic Partners

Trust relationships have been the motto for these work meetings that intended to clarify and to reposition the scope of Strategic Partners' participation in the new value chain, the permanent and individual Pro Stock Markets.

The surprise of all the invited companies' representatives was notorious when Go Origin announced the free nature of this partnership by assigning the Strategic Partner (SP) ID in its Go Origin system through a zero-cost bond.

It was acknowledged the possibility of growth and a significant improvement in the performance of Strategic Partners in the provision of their products and services to the Producers (supply) and Traders (demand) present in each Pro Stock Market allowed by costs reduction and by permanent creation of business opportunities, among others, guaranteed by real-time monitoring and by receiving automatic notifications of all the professional negotiations completed at Pro Stock Market.

Actions that produce results:

  • Banks - provide the banking and financial services corresponding to each system notification.

  • Credit/Goods Insurers - ensure the financial and material security supports for each system notification.

  • Custom Brokers - intervene in the acts and formalities according to customs legislation according to each system notification.

  • Freight Forwarders - operate the goods handling corresponding to each system notification.

  • Manufacturers (packaging, bottles, corks, labels, capsules) - provide their products according to the perspectives of Producers and Traders in the course of each professional negotiation.

A true win-win.


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