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New technologies to address global market needs

The global market needs for digitalization have been increasing in recent years and the agrifood sector is reacting in order to keep pace to address this evolution. Food demand is increasing and there are new challenges facing the stakeholders of this value chain.

Sellers are seeking greater distribution and access to the regional or global supply chain. Buyers are asking for food traceability, greater price transparency, as well as faster, round-the-clock access to information. Technological advancements can play a major role in establishing the base ground for optimizing the right balance between supply and demand.

Innovation via technology and digitalization have advanced with a lot of applicable solutions that you can find in digital B2B platforms. Technologies as cybersecurity and digital certification, ID verification, artificial intelligence and machine learning, e-payments and online transactions, cloud computing and real-time data processing empower sellers, buyers, and stakeholders to boost their businesses worldwide.


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