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Technology, marketing, presence, and negotiation in a Market-Session.

Together with VINIDEAs

The Porto Douro Wines Pro Stock Market advances in its soft launch, incorporating every day new Participants, who have expectations, needs, and decisions to fulfil.

It was with the full availability of the representatives of the Producers present, that VINIDEAs and Go Origin, clearly materialized at the work meeting of November 24 at Regia Douro Park, the actions planned in response to the most pressing doubts of the enrollees.

(1) Presentation of the segment PDO | Categories. | VINIDEAs

(2) Perform a Sign-up at Go Origin and Admission to the Pro Stock Market. | Go Origin

(3) Perform a Pro Negotiation of a PDO Douro Reference between Trader and Producer. | Go Origin

The increase in the skills of each one, to take his Company to daily participation in the Porto Douro Wines Pro Stock Market, of great proficiency and results in any Market, was guaranteed in the conclusions of those present.

In two hours of the Market Session we use technology, interpret marketing, materialize presence in the digital value chain and negotiate at the "speed of light", launching the PDO Porto and PDO Douro in the economy 4.0.

We believe that each opportunity to work together with all Producer Companies will produce equal-value results.

We wish everyone full participation of success in each daily session.


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