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Business Model and Success vs Geographical Indications

Identification, development and asset consolidation.


Currently, there are about 3500 productions worldwide which fill the PDO or PGI criteria, inserted in global recognition of quality and identity differentiation also designated as Geographical Indication (GI) of origin.


These represent an estimated market value of 75 billion euros which, due to the differentiations previously stated, can reach, depending on which market is in question, valuations in the price of 2,23 times superior to products lacking said recognition.


However, the trade of products with Geographical Indication of origin in the global market still displays many challenges (opportunities), maintaining itself, essentially, in the traditional value chain, parted from the evolution to the new economy (4.0).

Global Solution

From this knowledge, Go Origin developed its System that adds other appreciation profiles to these productions, providing its own Software, and launching individual and permanent Pro Stock Markets.

Changes with the solution

Finite individual and global production, capital gain outlook, market share dispute and the ongoing market response are some of the profiles that will lead this sector to levels of market value far superior to previously stated.


Go Origin intends to apply successively its System to different worldwide GI's, thus replicating its business model and success.


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