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The Strategy only survives if it is sustained in details

Generalization does not help and it is difficult for each Company to identify what information is most useful to work with, in order to create its Strategy and achieve the best participation in global digital commerce.

Three dimensions emerge as fundamental in the design and robustness of the Strategy, so each Company must:

  • Project your image and corporate activity to be a "target" - to be referenced in the digital value chain.

  • Correspond to the actions of each of your "human resources" - to promote good reactions.

  • Be the other party's advantage when defining its value for each "transaction" - to accept the win-win.

In short, the best Strategy will always be the one that starts from 100% high standards, shares 50% of the benefit, thus achieving 100% success.

Participating in the daily sessions of each Pro Stock Market launched by Go Origin, condenses the management of the three dimensions mentioned, bringing any strategy closer to its greatest success.


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