Why Go Origin

One Team

Energy and will to achieve happiness and surprising goals.

One System

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Global B2B e-commerce for products with Geographical Indication of origin or Bio.

Multiple Pro Stock Markets

Dynamic and collaborative platform that digitally integrates the value chain.

One Software

Conceptuality for efficiency in business, protected by Intellectual Property.


Go Origin is committed to creating business opportunities, based on the development of multidisciplinary knowledge under intellectual property and own technology. We invest in the launch of successive Pro Stock Markets for productions with Geographical Indication of origin or Bio, the fundamental innovation in global digital commerce for the ecosystem of Partners, Producers, Traders, and Consumers.


Create the perfect value chain for productions with Geographical Indication of origin or Bio, positioning ourselves at the forefront of global digital commerce, with corporate social responsibility.


Share Go Origin's System in the global market and, with simple solutions for complex problems, increase Participants' performance and confidence in a digital and greener economy, creating value and well-being in each of the communities where we act.


Commitment to grow together.
Humanism to take care of each other.
Knowledge to evolve.
Excellence to challenge ourselves.