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Our Path

The founder's firm conviction to start the company was based on:
  1. the completion of his study and tests named Go Origin System;
  2. the meeting of wills with the first invited co-founder for the realization of a shared vision of entrepreneurship;
  3. the confident response of the other members invited to the founding team, after realizing the knowledge and resilience requirements of a global and innovative business challenge and a paradigm shift in the sector's value chain.
The launch phase of Go Origin began on July 2016 and ended on September 2022 to develop the three pillars of its future:
  1. the business model;
  2. the human structure;
  3. own technology.
These six years were supported by equity investment, with a deviation of 2,2% in the execution of the initial budget, which included the parameterization of the 1st Pro Stock Market.
Last year, it was supported partially by an application for the Norte 2020 program, financing some headings by 50%, totalling €48,000.00.
Go Origin Portugal is a private limited company, currently with a share capital of €40,000 (forty thousand euros).


Together they hold, to date, 80% of the company's share capital on an individual basis and represent the availability of know-how invested daily in the key areas:
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Management
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Information Technology
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Growth Capital

Growth Capital is divided into three distinct shareholder profiles,
which together hold, to date, 20% of the company's share capital:
  • Investment Fund 
  • Corporate
  • Private
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For more detailed information, contact us through this specific email.
Growth Capital
Our Path
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