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Decisive Work Meetings – Official Partners

The trust relationships enabled to review and consolidate in these work meetings the value of the Official Partners' action that support the new value chain, the permanent and individual Pro Stock Markets.

The invited entities have welcomed the announcement by Go Origin of the free nature of this partnership by assigning the Official Partner (OP) ID in its Go Origin system through a zero-cost bond.

A better expression of the Official Partners' work was confirmed, due to the development and support they provide to Products with a Geographical Indication of Origin, with new objectivity and a complete reading of the global market, which everyone wants to reach, favoured by networking and the real-time monitoring of Pro Stock Market, possible by the OP ID assigned in the Go Origin's system.

What can they do then:

  • Public Institutes - use the data shared by the system to improve processes of operationalization and promotion of its services.

  • Municipalities - understand through the available data in the system the best way to support and promote the worthy representatives of the supply that belong to their territories.

  • Associations - assimilate the global dimension through the data produced by the system and improve its action of promotion and information.

  • Universities - study and explain the data obtained to develop the skills of the professionals of this sector.

  • Foundations - integrate into their assets the data collected to make them valuable in the course of time.

  • Chamber of Commerce - adjust the timings of supply and demand through pure data.

Together for a long walk.


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