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Industrial and Intellectual Property capitalizes competitive differential in the global market

In today’s challenging global market, product differentiation is crucial. Industrial and Intellectual property rights play a critical role in stimulating innovation and protecting investment, in particular in the actual digital and green economy. A trusted industrial and intellectual framework is the best way to make use of creativity and enable innovative companies to grow. With the protection of ideas, companies and individuals capitalize on the full benefits of their inventions or creations.

Geographical Indications (GIs) are a type of collective industrial and intellectual property right (not reserved for a single producer, but to all producers in one region who meet the conditions) and informs the buyer about the origin of a product. Also serving to ensure that the product meets certain specific characteristics and premium qualities, creating confidence by ensuring authenticity and traceability, which results in added value for all c involved.

The Go Origin System integrates the international know-how of its Strategic Partner, leader of Industrial and Intellectual Property services. These provide to the Participants of each Pro Stock Market the strategic management of their Industrial and Intellectual Property assets throughout the process of innovation, creation, and life cycle of their rights, capitalizing on its competitive differential in the global market.


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