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Pro Stock Markets value the origin and sustainability of agri-food products with GI or Bio.

Agri-food products with GI or Bio favor more sustainable production systems. They are part of a set of strategies that seek to counter the conception of food as commodities, aiming at sustainable territorial development.

GIs or Bio generates multiple positive economic, social, and environmental results, such as the maintenance of landscapes, conservation of soil and water resources, promotion of more sustainable production techniques, protection against different types of pollution, provision of mixed ecosystem services, and biodiversity conservation.

At Go Origin, we value the origin and territorial sustainability of each product by giving all participants through the Pro Stock Markets the power of strategic management of the global market.

Our Pro Stock Markets strengthen the institutional environment with transparent and efficient rules. The advantage of low transaction costs avoids one of the GI’s problems caused by rising prices that can exclude the poorest producers and consumers. We guarantee all participants access to relevant market resources and tools.

We empower the GIs or Bio products conceived to make this complex system economically feasible, formed by landscapes, cultures, and knowledge, preventing its substitution by other more intensive activities or the abandonment of lands.

GIs or Bio products expect to be transformational mechanisms to regionally contain the adverse effects of globalization and value biodiversity resources, singularities, and local traditions.

Furthermore, Pro Stock Markets have free access and level market relations. These advantages mitigate the risk of overexploitation, social exclusion, and disaggregation of social groups in these territories.

Pro Stock Markets increase the digitization of the value chain of different GI or Bio by embedding local products into the global market.


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