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The State of the Art - more knowledge, better decisions - 9th

The 9th is the conference where you can access and assimilate the "State of the Art" of the sector and its most obvious or most surprising connections and so Go Origin decided to actively participate with a presentation by two members of the Team, which we share here in summary:

1- The perfect value chain for GI or Bio productions | Rui Fraga

Go Origin is a company with the maturity of 6 years of studies, plus 6 years of multidisciplinary development and has the youth resulting from permanent innovation.

The title of the presentation corresponds to the company's Vision of "creating the perfect value chain" which, being extreme and of great responsibility for our Team, we are concretizing it step by step, in favour of all the Participants in the traditional value chain: the Enablers, Producers, Traders and Consumers.

We unveil a new horizon for all those who decide to embrace a paradigm shift with well-founded prospects of success and open the door to this opportunity, through a brief digital navigation:

The company is setting up in different territories, starting with Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, operating all Go Origin under the same System.

In each country, in a planned way, we launch multiple Pro Stock Markets for different Geographical Indication or Bio productions.

Pro Stock Markets are dynamic and collaborative platforms for global B2B e-commerce that go beyond the limitations of time zones, distances, languages, the structured industry knowledge and with no associated cost of use.

Go Origin defines two Partner profiles, and both participate in Pro Stock Markets:

  • Official - no direct economic results from the transactions.

  • Strategic - with direct economic results with the transactions, through aggregating their services.

We value knowledge and make it available through three base tools - News, Research and Metrics - for free use by professionals and the public.

2- Pro Stock Markets - Global Daily-Sessions | Pedro Cardoso

The Pro Stock Markets promote the balance of market relations between supply and demand and qualify Participants by accessing specific information to support decisions in:

  • PDO | Categories >

History of the Geographical Indication, its Product Categories and respective codification in Pro Stock Market, fully complying with the regulation of the Certification Body of the Geographical Indication.

  • Details | Markets >

Qualified information for each market opened on the Pro Stock Market.

  • Producers Search > or Traders Search >

Supply and demand find the best to negotiate with, with the confidence that all companies and products have gone through a prior screening process.

Pro Stock Markets encourage their Participants with specialized and ongoing free data on:

  • Vista Intell >

    • Parameter Variation >

Information and queries of commercial indicators of the completed transactions.

  • Pro Stock Market Index >

The evolution of the market in real-time according to the concluded transactions.

  • Reports >

They periodically inform the market about the sector's financial, legal, technological and strategic development.

The Go Origin Summit is the major annual event to concentrates on one point, the value of the different Pro Stock Markets, the opened Markets, the Geographical Indications and where face-to-face and digital meet each other, supported by exclusive applications:

  • Extra Apps >

    • Operational Map >

Interactive event support app.

  • Online auction >

App for solidarity purchase of a set of unique GI products.

  • Podium Best Trader >

App for recognition of the best representatives in demand.

These resources, taken together, allow the reduction of the risk of operation and substantial time savings for the Participating companies.

In the different Pro Stock Markets, each Participant initiates, develops, monitors and concludes their trades in real-time in the global market, accessing:

  • Daily Sessions >

    • Pro Negotiation Center

A free initiative of negotiation and positioning in the global market.

Negotiations are as if you were face-to-face, in real-time.

Multi-negotiations simultaneously.

Transactions accomplish with individual and modelled Purchase and Sale Contracts;

Contractual liability of the parties through a qualified digital certificate.

  • Strategic Partners

Partner services are available to operate transactions between supply and demand.

  • Pro Stock Market Managers

Purchasing or Sales teams, digitally organized according to the model of each company, work in 24/24h Daily Sessions and capitalize on each completed transaction.

3- The responsibility referred to in point 1, to materialize, needs fundamentals, organization, and objectives - needs the Go Origin System. | Rui Fraga

Go Origin shares with everyone the "why", the "how" and the "results", so that they know what way we are going, in:

It exposes identity and purpose.

It clarifies responsibility and the spirit of sharing.

It challenges knowledge and skills.

Alert to concerns and obligations.

One day we started this path. Today it can become yours.


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